Walton Library Opening Celebration


Reporter: Phil Barr Photograph Thelma Srivastava

Wakeylele Band in full swing at Walton’s new Community Library – left to right Mike , Pop, Pippa, Mags, Susan, John, Dave, Roy and part of Phil. Also shown are David and Richard’s Music Stands and Thelma’s Chair.

Report by Phil Barr

7 Comments on “Walton Library Opening Celebration

  1. A most comprehensive review of this event – thanks Phil. Thanks to everyone involved in our performance and to Rita for the kind invitation. “…maybe we’re not doing too badly..” after all!
    Hope the dignitaries enjoyed it as much as we appeared to do. I’m maybe going to regret this but….. thoughts please on suitable songs to accompany tree-planting. I should have been better prepared!

    • How to respond to the talented Phil ?
    • His clever and witty literacy skill,
    • The atmosphere of a wonderful day
    • has been captured with thought
    • in His own special way !
    • The only regret – the photography gaffe,
    • although it gave all of us Reason to laugh,
    • And caused Richard’s humour to shine once more,
    • With the word ‘Redact’ causing smiles galore !
  2. I like your comments on the tree planting, David and on Thelma’s poem. As for the comprehensive account,I do tend to get carried away!

  3. Great report Phil knowing now what a keen eye you have I must be careful how I behave so many words I didn’t even see you put your ukulele down thanks again Phil for your great report

  4. Thanks, Pop but it would be a crime if you started behaving unnaturally.so to speak and it would also leave me short of material!

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