Urban Spaceman     18 Sep 21

Yorks Air Ambulance. Ridings

Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Earth Fest St Paul's Aug 21

Wonderful tonight

Kieth Rubery

When my morning comes around

Rob Davies

All my Love All my Kissing

Thelma Srivastava

Four Strong Winds II

Robert Davies April 2021

Tell me Ma

Linda Sargent

Between the Devil and

the Deep Blue Sea

David Broadbent Mar 2021

Leaving on a Jet Plane Mar 2021

Gaslighter Wakeylele Band

Wonderful Tonight

Ukulele Pop March 2021

Racing in the Streets

Dave Burgess February 2021

San Francisco Bay Blues

Rob Davies February 2021

Members Solos

Gaslight / Wakeylele Band

February 2021

Gaslight/Wakeylele Zoom

Feb 2021 Ain't No Pleasing You.

Wakeylele Intro

Thelma & Julie Srivastava

Feb 2021

My Sunny Valentine

Ukulele Pop Jan 2021

I shall be released

Rob Davies re release Jan 2021


Linda Sargent January 2021


David Broadbent Jan 21

Wonderful World

Joe Fisher Jan 21

Aloha Oh

Thelma Srivastava Jan 21

I'll be Home for Christmas

David Burgess Dec 20

Whispering Grass

David Broadbent Dec 20

Bob's San Francisco Bay Blues

Rob Davies December 2020

Don't Think Twice

Joe Fisher Dec 20

Ukulele Pop's Christmas Harmonica

Peter Newton December 2020

All of Me

Peter Newton (Ukulele Pop) Nov 20

Peggy Sue got Married

David Broadbent Nov 20

You Belong to Me

Peter Newton (Ukulele Pop) Nov 20


Ain't Misbehaving

Peter Newton (Ukulele Pop)

Nov 2020

I haven't told her, She hasn't

told me

David Broadbent Nov 2020


David Broadbent Oct 2020

Teenager in Love

Linda Sargent Oct 2020


Hiding in the Shadows
Rob Davies   Oct 2020

Aint She Sweet

Peter Newton (Ukulele Pop)

Oct 2020

Thelma's Tennessee Waltz

Thelma Srivastava Oct 2020

Play me a Memory

Peter Newton (Ukulele Pop) Oct 2020

Catch the Wind

Rob Davies Oct 2020

Dave Burgess.Big House Carlisle

I Just want to Dance with You

Feb 2020

Dave Burgess.Big House Carlisle

My Own Peculiar Way

Feb 2020

End of the Line

Maria M,Sue T,Mags B, Richard H

John W & Roy B Uke Express Sep 2019

Ghost Riders in the Sky

Roy and Richard April 2017