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Small Group Songs

including solos, duets and small groups.

L = Ladies Group
TG = Thursday Group
S = Solo
Sm = Small Group

57 Chevrolet (S)

A Place in the Choir  (S)

Blues in my Shoes (S)

Happy Together  (TG)

House of the Rising Sun  (TG)

I don't know why I love you  (Sm)

Island of Dreams  (S)

It's Getting Better (S)

Leaving on a Jet Plane  (S)

Moon Shadow  (TG)

Nobody Knows You  (Sm)

Our Town  (L)

Only You (S)

Stray Cat Strut  (TG)

The Carnival is Over  (S)

The Story of My Life  (Sm)

When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful (Sm)

You Belong to  Me  (L)