Silver Sunday Ridings

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April 2023

Pop at the Ridings Centre Wakefield Oct 2023 for Silver Sunday.

Double – Header for Silver Sunday as Wakeylele kick -off New Season at

The Ridings, Wakefield and North Featherstone surprise party. 1st Oct 2023

by Philip Barr. Photos & Videos, jane Barr, Phil, John Sargent, Richard

Part 1 – Silver Sunday, Ridings Shopping Centre.

In a week where high winds and rain accompanied Agnes, two performances in one day from Wakeylele both went down a storm with their respective audiences.

First up was the Ridings where we had been invited to play as part of a national event organised by Help the Aged charity, dubbed Silver Sunday. As we arrived and set up it was evident that there was already a real buzz to the morning’s various proceeding with tables crammed with people enjoying teas, coffees, refreshments and a chat, with one particular group of ‘surfers’ seen to be making short shrift of a family – size packet of mini chocolate biscuits.

After a short on the hoof introduction from David, necessitated by the sound of a hundred mouths chattering away together along with the usual white noise from passing shoppers, the band opened with a quick one/two comprising the Wakeylele intro followed by ‘On the Road Again’ and it was as if the last performance was only yesterday rather than the best part of two months ago. We had been reminded again in practice sessions about the need to look up from the music and from where I was playing, and watching some videos back. it did appear that as we get more familiar and confident with songs more and more upturned faces can be seen even if in my case at least it is for the odd line, whereupon on more than one occasion I have to blag my way through part of the next stanza until I home in on the correct place, strumming softly on the C or F chord or both if I’m feeling adventurous.


Speaking of the videos as well as from first hand observations, I couldn’t help but notice how smart Malcolm and Beryl looked in their outfits and Elsie’s black jacket with silver studs made her look like a trendy biker but these three were not alone and it almost goes without saying that Pop was exhibiting his latest head covering – today it was a Paddington bear style hat with coordinating scarf. However, I digress, although I should also mention how even unassuming players like Margaret, our hon. Treasurer, can be seen on the front row looking full of confidence and enjoying the limelight! Another problem was the usual one when faced with a background hum, of trying to pick up the intros but we are used to that by now and just plough on regardless. Other than that, the single set of around 40 minutes was belted out confidently, aided by Mags expertly keeping us in time along with skillful amplification from Val and Rob.  The mainly senior audience seemed to be enjoying the music and before we knew it, we were into the final Old-Time medley and part one of the day was done and dusted. There were parting sincere thanks from at least one representative of Help the Aged who said how entertaining the band had been.

High Noon
Old Time Medley
Bring Me Sunshine

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  1. Yes, trying conditions indeed-perhaps our noisiest audience to date!?
    Nevertheless a barnstorming performance resulting in several compliments (especially from the organizers) and enquiries regarding membership; future gigs etc.
    The type of gig (and we’ve done them before) that puts you in two minds as whether to amplify and take an increasing level of control, or accept the role of simply providing “background “ ambience.
    As usual, my thanks to everyone involved on the day with special mention to the recording/reporting teams for providing another fantastic account of another memorable occasion.
    Well done everybody!

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