Burns Lunch at Gaskell’s Restaurant. Jan 2024.

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Wakeylele leap into a New Year at the Ridings. YAA Gig 19th January 2024

By Philip Barr. Videos Jane Barr

Here are some of the musical highlights following what was a very enjoyable and convivial afternoon with tasty Scottish fare served up by the willing catering students under the eagle eyes of their  supervisors who were both professional and welcoming. 

 Outside Storm Jocelyn was jostling to get the better of the departing Isha but that didn’t matter as the combination of fine food and music kept the January elements at bay. Watch out for the impressive Tam O’ Shanters; it was great to see Malcolm back in the fold.  There was an eclectic mix of songs with a Scottish link including David’s interpretation of 500 miles, all performed with panache. Special thanks go to Pippa for organising the event.

1 Comment on “Burns Lunch at Gaskell’s Restaurant. Jan 2024.

  1. A most enjoyable afternoon with good food, cheap booze and a scintillating floor show!
    Many thanks to Pippa for her organization and to the performers for performing.
    Thanks too to all the staff and students at Gaskell’s for looking after us so well.
    Good to see so many members and partners – hope you all enjoyed the occasion.
    A band’s a band for a’that!

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