Wakeylele Leap into a New Year 2024.

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Wakeylele leap into a New Year at the Ridings. YAA Gig 19th January 2024

and Hank William’s Hey Good Looking was met with appreciative applause while  Come Up and See Me showed the band at its best, witnessed by the number of people stopping to take video clips. Similarly, the level of  performance of Carolina in the Morning  continues to rise and, incidentally, Thelma, making a welcome return to gig action said how it reminded her of how she tap danced to that song as a girl – the lasting power of music! Today, though it was a workman, dressed in a high – viz overall who could be seen doing a dad dance to the same tune.

David Flatters, dressed for an arctic expedition.

1 Comment on “Wakeylele Leap into a New Year 2024.

  1. Sincere thanks (and much respect!) to all those braving the Ridings for this event. Another fabulous turnout, displaying few qualms over the unfavorable conditions. As usual that fashion guru Pop provided the talking point for the day, his wonderful apparel only matched by his amazing ukuleleing.
    We should all be grateful to our reporting and editing team for the production of another account reflecting our forays into the world of music making.
    My thanks too to Mike for his continuing liaison with YAA to get us these gigs and to the accompanying family followers for their continued and much valued support.

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