Items for Sale


Book Pop und Rock

Book is just £5.00 like new, ideal Xmas Gift!

Seller: David Burgess


Music Stand

Music Stand £5

Seller: David Burgess


Ukulele Stand

Ukulele Stand £7

Seller: David Burgess


PONO MGT TENOR UKULELE This Item has been Sold

Solid Mango, Good Condition, satin finish to Body.

Well looked after comes  in Stagg case.

Strap Buttons and Low G fitted.

Ko’olou strings 

£165 – (or near offer)

New Price £329 ( Southern Uke Store)

Seller:   David Burgess

Pono Tenor Ukulele has been sold 


RISA Stick: Concert Size, Electronic Ukulele.

Comes with bag, lead and Marshall MS 2-C Practice Amp.

£ 135 (or near offer) 

 New Price for Stick £239, Amp £29.00  (Gear4Music)

Seller:   David Burgess

Stagg Melodica 32 keys like new.

This Item has been Sold

Unwanted gift £15 (or near offer)

New Price £25 (Amazon)

Seller:   David Burgess

Stagg Melodica has been sold.

Yamaha Guitalele, like new

(basically a 6 string Uke, tuned ADGCEA)

£55 (or near offer)

Seller Dave Burgess

2 Comments on “Items for Sale

  1. The Pono (at half price) is a veritable bargain! Highly recommended. Would suit anyone looking for an upgrade to a “serious” instrument. Strings supplied will be “a matter of taste” . I know someone who will change them if needed!

  2. I bought the RISA so I could practice Chords in the living room and not disturb my wife watching TV in the same room.
    But it really comes to life when amplified. The sound is surprisingly good.

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