Ridings Gig. No 2. Yorks Air Ambulance


Band members at the Gig: Roy Bennett, Mike Hindley, Ukulele Pop, Malcolm & Beryl Haigh, Mike Sidebottom, Elsie Orr, Pippa Schofield, Mags Bennett, Stan Hollins, Lynn Swan, Maria Morris, Thelma Srivastava, Margaret Walker, Sue Taylor, Glyn Horan, Carol Davison, Phil Barr, Dave Burgess, Richard Hancock, Rob Davies and David & Broadbent.

19th November saw our 2nd gig at the Ridings in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Once again the gig was led by David Broadbent and organised by Mike Hindley. The gift stall and the band collection raised raised £331 for the charity. The September gig in the Ridings, but at a different location raised £470.

There was a fantastic turn out of 22 band members who put in an energetic couple of sets which were much appreciated by the ‘transient’ audience.

One of the passing audience expressed their approval and was suprised that a band ‘as good as us’ didn’t have CDs to sell. Kind words of approval were also heard in shops and cafes on the same level after the gig finished.

Gig Introduction. Video by Malcolm and Beryl’s daughter.
Urban Spaceman from the Gig. Recorded by Dave Burgess.


Green Door from the Gig. Recorded by Dave Burgess.


2 Comments on “Ridings Gig. No 2. Yorks Air Ambulance

  1. Really splendid turn out! Thanks to everyone involved for your giving of time, patience and musicality.
    All the hard work over the past, difficult period has manifested itself in our strong performances, seemingly much appreciated by members of the public. My sincere thanks for your continuing enthusiasm and commitment to the Wakeylele cause.

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