Peter Harney 1955 – 2022

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Peter Harney (top left) enjoying a Wakeylele Zoom Session 21st November 2020

Peter Harney, effervescent Wakeylele band member, passed in April 2022. Peter really enjoyed his sessions with the band, mostly on Zoom, during the lockdowns, but even through that medium his quick wit and enthusiasm shone brightly.

His daughter, Nicola asked if a small group of Wakeylele members could play a couple of songs at his funeral service at Kettlethorpe Cremtorium on 4th May. She chose ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s (Iz) version, because on those Thursday evenings during lockdown when we all went outside and applauded NHS workers, Peter took his uke and sang ‘Somewhere’ to the delight of his neighbours.

The second song Nicola chose, Paul McCartney’s ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’, was introduced to the band by Peter. This received some objections initially because the song was about mass murderer Maxwell Edison with explicit details of his methods. It didn’t take long, however, for the song to become a favourite.

There was only time for ‘Somewhere’ during the service, so ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ got an airing at the New Inn, Walton at Peter’s funeral reception.

1 Comment on “Peter Harney 1955 – 2022

  1. Though a relative stranger to some of us (especially the “non-zoomers”), Peter was a knowlegeable and talented member of our group, whose energy and enthusiasm for music went unabated despite his poor state of health.
    We we’re honoured to be asked to play at his funeral.
    Our efforts were well received and truly appreciated by his close family members.
    Can I, again, thank the players for their attendance and performances at the funeral. A sobering but nevertheless enjoyable event, I thought.
    Thanks for another insightful report Phil.

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