Snydale Care Home Gig May 2023

Front rowers Pop, Tony, Mags and Maria have all donned Hawaiian Garlands but the back row don’t seem as keen despite Roy cajoling them to “put ’em on” in readiness for “Honolulu Baby”

Snydale Care Home Gig 12th May 2023.

With only a few days recovery time since the last music bonanza, around a dozen stoic representatives from the band gathered in the ante room at Snydale Care Home ready to give their all once again. David initially acted the part of barman in one corner of the room and a stiff drink wouldn’t have gone amiss at this point as we glimpsed all the residents gathering in the adjacent lounge. The conversation at this point centred round two things -was Pippa on her way and what headgear would Pop turn up in? Pippa duly arrived, whilst Pop turned up wearing a flat cap in orange and black stripes – it reminded me of Castleford Tigers colours. Meanwhile, Tony was looking very relaxed as he warmed up with his uke, sitting in an armchair, sporting a natty orange trilby and looking for all the world like a Van Morrison tribute act.
So, it was time to make a start and amidst much necessary last minute shuffling around of chairs and music stands to allow for the odd wheelchair and latecomers to find a space, David was able to introduce the band and kick off proceedings. Incidentally, I should have mentioned that Dave Burgess made a surprise appearance, having finally overcome a software problem with the clock in his car. (Back in the day when I drove a Ford Anglia I had no such problems as there was no clock, never mind software apart from the squishy seats that is. 

Moving on to the meat and two veg part of proceedings, the afternoon almost immediately sparked into life as the residents, armed with shakers and rattlers provided the background to the Wakeylele Intro and indeed most of which followed.   David did his usual consummate job as MC, giving interesting snippets of information about the songwriters and singers, the tempo increased and soon the band was ‘cooking’ ; roasting in fact as the temperature soared. Fortunately there were quieter moments, as when our soloists performed, the first  of one up being Sue who didn’t  disappoint with the emotionally charged Seekers number, The Carnival is Over. Deserved applause followed then it was back to full band songs with Green Door going down particularly well. ( I heard several complimentary remarks from one gentleman sitting close by throughout the afternoon.) However, as in any gathering of people, opinions vary and we noticed one feisty individual who made an early request for Bring me Sunshine and more or less told us to get on with it! There was also one lady near to Dave B, Richard and Roy who, having slept through proceedings to date, woke up and immediately requested to be taken to the toilet; but then again we are happy to provide a wide – ranging service.

Out come the Fezzes

This slightly  offbeat mood continued when David produced a set of smart fezzes, to accompany a Tommy Cooper song which turned out much better than it did at Horbury. Practice makes perfect. A second successful solo  was performed featuring Pop – I should just briefly add at this point that the Home has another feisty resident, a very overweight cat which had previously been living in the wild, and which nearly took Maria’s arm off during the interval – but there was nothing feral about Pop’s performance. Another success was the group performance of Honolulu Baby although I was a little perturbed when a voice behind me was heard to say, out of the blue, ” I’ve got a long one.” Fortunately it was only a reference to the garlands that were being handed out and I breathed a sigh of relief.
During the second half in which the band continued to give it plenty of welly, where appropriate, backed up by the enthusiastic young at heart audience there was still time for Roy and Margaret to display their individual vocal skills with Teenager in Love and Island of Dreams respectively, and it was great that Mags could overcome her doubts about hitting the right notes from the off  – we all knew she could. It then came quickly to the moment when  David announced the Old Time  Medley as the final number but he had to bow to pressure from the floor as this ended and conclude with Bring Me Sunshine. This turned out to be a real positive as two members of the staff put on an impromptu Morecambe and Wise ‘dance’ to bring more happiness to the occasion and close a very enjoyable and rewarding afternoon.

  As well as giving due thanks to David once more for his coaching, encouragement, and all the background work, praise must go to the very welcoming and obviously committed staff, to Tracey, the manager, for having us, and to Roy and Margaret for  finally managing to make this event happen!
Next up is a return to the White Rose Centre next Saturday, 20th May at 11a.m. 

2 Comments on “Snydale Care Home Gig May 2023

  1. Third time lucky! Though still expecting a dreaded ”COVID call”, it was a huge relief to be able to fulfill our promise and finally visit the residents at Snydale.
    There was no doubting the levels of “welly” from the band with everyone singing and playing with gusto. The residents and staff too played their part in ensuring a good time was had by all! The icing on the cake (if indeed any was needed) was a magnificent donation to the YAA.
    Thanks again Phil for the obvious amount of time and effort that you put into producing such humorous and detailed reports. Further acknowledgement to Richard for his skills in preparing these reports for our enjoyment.

  2. Thanks, David – I suppose it’s only Human and Not Unusual* to appreciate a bit of praise and I ‘enjoy’ doing the reports in a masochistic kind of way. It was an enjoyable afternoon with the added bonus of the generous donation.
    * That wasn’t meant to be taken as a hint for you to introduce Tom Jones songs to Wakeyle by the way!

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