Final Club Session of 2023 19th Dec

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Tony and Melvyn at Walron Sports & Social Club

Wakeylele at Wentbridge House Hotel for YAA Christmas Lunch Event

by Phil Barr. Photos and Videos Phil

For those who couldn’t make it to this session, you were missed but to soften the blow here are a few videos of the various numbers performed by our talented members. It was a case of ‘ have a go Joe,’ although on this occasion Joe didn’t actually have a go, settling for being an important cog in the whole group numbers; ( he can be viewed, though, on our excellent website from covid ‘zoom’ days and he’s pretty good). Before tonight’s music, David thanked, firstly, everyone in the band for their contribution to making 2023 such a successful year, with special thanks to Mike Hindley for his much appreciated background work in making the YAA gigs possible, along with important varied contributions from the likes of Margaret( hon.treasurer), Pop, Mags, Sue, Maria, Richard –  for whom there was loud applause which he may just have heard  across the fields, Dave Burgess and Pippa. (A hack was also mentioned but I don’t know him.)  In response, at the end of the evening, Pop paid tribute to David for being largely responsible for the advances we have made as a group.(  Even more thunderous applause.)     

You will see that the first video features a fine performance from an authentic Tony, accompanied by Melvyn. I think you know everyone else. Please note that all the performances are mainly unrehearsed and no worse for that either – better get their autographs soon before they get in that recording studio!

 Happy Christmas to one and all and hope to see you on Tuesday, 9th January.

(The videos may take a while to come through – apologies for any glitches.

1 Comment on “Final Club Session of 2023 19th Dec

  1. A fitting end to another successful season.
    Well done performers!
    Thanks Phil and everyone else involved in this report of an enjoyable evening.
    More sessions like this, involving smaller groups, are scheduled for the new year.
    Please let me know if / when you need time to practise together.

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