Review of the Year with ‘Wakeylele Moments of 23’ Video.

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2023 Moments from the Year

This video records moments from each of our 24 Gigs, Concerts and Celebrations which we completed in 2023, not forgetting the special club session at the end of the year.

48 participants appear in these moments, sometimes once, sometimes many times. Our gratitude goes out to our many supporters who came to encourage us, cheer us on, photograph and video us, always succeeding in lifting our spirits and our performances.

We were often side by side with Yorkshire Air Ambulance Volunteers who were also very supportive and helped create a great atmosphere wherever we played. Between us we helped raise several thousand pounds for Yorkshire Air Ambulance,

Over 30 songs feature on the video, though we sang many more. One or two of our favourites, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ for example, are always well received but don’t appear either because the video footage isn’t available or for lack of space.

2023 Moments will be a hard act to follow, but hopefully 2024 will be just as memorable.

1 Comment on “Review of the Year with ‘Wakeylele Moments of 23’ Video.

  1. Masterful editing Richard. A wonderful compilation featuring no duplicate material.
    A comprehensive account of our forays throughout the year.
    Many thanks for your time and efforts in its production.

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